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Lights, Camera, Action!

Whether you are looking for Lifestyle photos capturing more candid moments, or you want a studio look, I can tailor your session accordingly. My portable lighting set up allows me to do either or both in the comfort of your own home.  Alternatively, if you prefer not to shoot in your home I can accomodate you in a studio space.

We can chat about the look you would like to achieve before hand. You might want you or your family in your Sunday best, lit with studio lights and soft boxes, or you might like to let personalities shine in some favourite outfits and some beautiful window light.

Outdoors is a great option also, weather permitting (I won't let a little cold deter me if you won't but we want everyone to be comfortable too). If you have a favourite spot I can travel anywhere inside the City, or I can suggest a place. Outside of Calgary is a possibility too, subject to an additional fee for travel.


I love getting creative with musicians, artists, or anyone who wants to experiment within their shoot, and I also am a huge fan of documentary photography, so whatever your style we can find something that will suit your needs!

Sessions are one hour approximately, and will include all digital files and a print release. Please contact me to discuss additional package options.

Event Coverage

Looking for a way to add some extra fun to a party or event? I would be happy to set up and run a themed photobooth for you! This does take some pre-planning so please get in touch to discuss the details ahead of your event.

I can also document your event. I find that sometimes you plan a party and you want to have some photographs to commemorate the event, but you also want to enjoy the moment rather than be limited to the selective focus of a camera. Let me document for you - I love candid photography! 

Please contact me to discuss your needs and budget.


I know how difficult it can be to get out of your house with your new little one, so I will come to you! Babies are very sensitive to smells and sounds and might just be more comfy at home too. All I need is an electrical plug in and a bit of space and we can create a portable studio with professional lighting, and lovely soft backgrounds. If you have particular colours or props you would like to use simply let me know ahead of time and we can work together on a plan. 

It is important to book Newborn shoots prior to the baby's due date as those cute sleepy portraits you might want happen best when baby is still quite fresh to the world (they are more alert and less likely to sleep as they get older).

We can create a warm cozy space for your baby, and with a little cooperation and patience we will get some beautiful shots. I also do not mind waiting if baby needs to be comforted or nursed. Sessions are typically a couple hours or so, which might be all your baby is interested in, but if we need a little more time based on baby's mood that is okay too.

All edited digital files and print release will be included. Please contact me to discuss additional package options.


 I love working with film. In fact, it took me a long time to embrace working with a DSLR. I now really enjoy both film and digital for different reasons. Most of my portrait work is done on digital, however, if you enjoy analogue, or just want a bit of a retro feel to some of your images I can incorporate some 35mm, 120mm, or Polaroid work into your shoot. Fees can be discussed based on what you are looking for.

If you would like to view some of my film work please visit my fine art sister site using the link for "Grey Hills Studio" on the Links Page.

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