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Calgary Portrait Photographer Sara Kuefler


I was born and raised in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, AB), with extended family in Ontario.  I also work periodically in Montreal, QC, which exposes me to a whole new vibrant art scene. Artistic pursuits have been a constant in my life, and I have been taking pictures since elementary school. I love that photography always has something to teach me. I also enjoy painting, knitting, reading, and writing. I love music, although I am more of an appreciator in that medium than a player. I am a mom of two wonderful, challenging little people, who I love to bits and feel very lucky to be continuing to get to know as they grow and change. My family, both by birth as well as chosen, is very important to me, as yours is to you I am sure!

If you would like to view my fine art portfolio for some of my film work please see the link for Grey Hills Studio on the Links page.

What's in a name

In case you are curious about the origin of the name Grey Hills Studio, I wanted something both personal and a little esoteric. When I was younger I had asked my father about our family background and was told that our surname meant "people of the grey hills". That always stuck in my mind, so I incorporated that little piece of me into my studio name.

Capturing Memories

Most of us have heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". Since becoming a mom I realize more and more that a picture is also worth a host of emotions. I find this especially applicable to images of little people, who change so fast and fill our lives with so much activity, and to special events like weddings, which wiz by faster than we might like. There are also pivotal times in your life that are fleeting and worthy of commemoration. Life is often so fast paced it can be hard to remember just how you felt at a particular moment, no matter how much you try to stamp it into your mind at the time. This is why I feel honoured when I get to make images of people during special moments or stages in their lives.

I like to try to capture little things, like a trademark expression or a look shared between family members, or just how the light fell on the contours of a much loved face - hopefully a bit of the essence of my subject, while creating a beautiful image that allows those little details to shine.

Please contact me for information on planning a shoot. Our memories may be faulty, but love is forever.


Sara Kuefler

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